Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MaD CrossFit has a new home (well once the lease is signed at any rate)

We found a space for MaD CrossFit today :-). It used to be a personal training studio so should suit us quite well. It is in Birch St, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. We are looking to move in there around the beginning of November and will be up and running by the end of the month.

From the front and the former personal training studio

A room for massage (yes it will be repainted) and room to expand into
Room to run out the back
Another visit to the girls today before launching into some business admin. Only 10 days until they are released from jail!

and Kiwi!


Anonymous said...

oooo... house and box in a week? not bad at all. how far is home from the box?


Ruth said...

Jail looks pretty darn comfy!! Good luck on new box!

CrossFit Auckland said...

Nice! Looks good guys

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Thanks all! the box is .5 miles from the house, or as I like to call it "a pug walk away". Jail is pretty posh, yes.