Friday, February 5, 2010

Back in NZ...................

I flew back to NZ yesterday so am now fighting a bit of jet lag. The trip to the states was good, I managed to bring back lots of little things for the gym.

A huge thank you to Brandon at CrossFit Tulsa and Eric at Next Generation CrossFit for allowing me to workout at their boxes.

Donna now has her new shoes - Do Wins from Again Faster :-)

We headed out to sort out some stuff for the gym and stopped by a tyre store to see if we could have a tyre or two..............

Didn't quite fit, so we took home a smaller one, but I will get a trailer for the big one :-)

Now I think it is time for a short nap!


Anonymous said...


Did you receive the birthday e-card I sent?

Watched Hurt Locker last week...don't know how much I trust you EOD guys


Matt said...

Hi James,

yes I did, thanks for the M&M's now all I am missing is Goldfish :-)

As for Hurt Locker we are not all like that, just most of us :-)

Justin CFES said...

Oh yeah. New lifting shoes and old tires. Fun fun fun.