Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Short visit to Santa Cruz...........

After a great birthday lunch at the Roxy for Cherie and Loren from CFES, we headed south to Santa Cruz. We went there to drop a suitcase full of gym stuff and extras off to Taz to transport back to NZ for us. We were also hoping to catch the newly weds, Greg and Aimee from Catalyst, who are there on their honeymoon.

After checking in, we headed to the Seabright Brewery for dinner with Taz and Pat.
Kiwi made the most of the hotel room :-)
Drinking from the ice bucket as usual!
This morning we headed to CrossFit Santa Cruz Central to catch up with everybody.
CrossFit Santa Cruz Central
Eva T had her new Santa Cruz Nomad there, so I got to take it for a spin.
Eva T's sweet Nomad :-)
While Greg and Aimee lifted.....
Ginger took over Greg's bag and Kiwi guarded the weight rack.
Pat, Taz and Pat's brother Jonji took on the gym's WOD:
Hang Power Clean 12-9-6
Deadlift 24-18-12
Rope Climb 1-2-3
Load: 155/105#
Pat climbs the rope no legs! Taz deadlifts.
Taz no legs!
I rested my shoulder and wrangled the dogs. I am trying to be smart about getting my shoulder back to 100% but it is a little frustrating to sit on the sidelines and watch!

The pup's: Falcor, Ginger and Kiwi
Donna got some one on one Over Head Squat coaching from Greg and Aimee :-)
A much improved position and drive up with 99#
After that there was time to work on individual lifts with all the coaches around.
No pressure Pat! 5 CrossFit coaches put their 2 cents worth in on Pat's Hang Power Cleans

The girls are very relaxed during the trip back to Sacramento

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