Monday, February 23, 2009

Days one and two....

Now the important news. Donna's bag is here, it made it in this morning from LA then was flown to Rotorua so we picked it up from the airport. Now she has some clothes and can stop borrowing mine.

First things first, fresh sweet corn and local beer - non paleo but damn it tasted good!

We did a little sight seeing and Donna made friends with a giant ram.

I got my single speed out of storage and put together so we are now ready to hit some trails during the trip.

Ralph (my Step Father), Donna and Val (my Mum) sample fruit in the back yard.

After all the travel and eating at odd times we decided it was about time to workout, that and our workout gear was all in Donna's bag. As I have been posting body weight workouts on MaD CrossFit we thought we would stick to the theme.

For time:
Run 400, 30 Push Ups
Run 400, 30 Pull Ups (Matt) 30 Tuck Jumps (Donna)

Run 400, 30 Dips
Run 400, 30 Sit Ups

Run 400, 30 Push Ups (Matt) 30 Squats (Donna)

Donna pose runs past one of Ralph's sculptures
Matt: 18:08 Donna: 20:34

The reason for the different exercises is that I am trying to be nice to my patella tendons as they blew up like balloons on the flight over and Donna is still rehabbing her shoulder.

The heat made this one hard work, but it was so nice to be able to run outside as opposed to row or jump rope in the gym. Well worth the effort.
Tomorrow we head to Auckland to check out CrossFit New Zealand!
By the way it is a complete coincidence, for those who noticed, that both MaD CrossFit and CrossFit NZ have the same picture of Eva T posted today, spooky....................


Jason O said...

I am glad to hear you made it safe. I must admit I am jealous that you all have green and we have more white!

Darren said...

Guess that means we're front squatting today huh......? :)

Donna said...

Well see Darren, I was hoping for clean and jerk and snatch...see you soon.